9-1-1 Facts


In 2017, Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 handled 33,082 calls to 9-1-1. 80% of these calls to 9-1-1 came from wireless phones. In addition, Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 dispatchers answered over 74,665 calls to the non-emergency line.


Operating in since March 13, 1989, Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 was one of the very first countywide 9-1-1 systems established in Illinois.


On March 13, 2007 implemented Enhanced 9-1-1 and began operating in a new state-of-the-art facility at 222 N 52nd St.


Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 dispatches for the following agencies: Quincy Police, Adams County Sheriffs Office, Camp Point Police, Payson Police, Adams County Ambulance Service, Quincy Fire Department, Tri-township Fire Department, and 10 volunteer fire departments in Adams County.


The 9-1-1 Center has 21 employees: Director, Assistant Director, Systems Administrator, three Dispatch Supervisors and 15 dispatchers. At least three dispatchers are on duty at all times.


Funding for operating budget is provided by City of Quincy at 60% and Adams County at 40%. In addition, Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 receives revenue from the Emergency Telephone Systems Act (ETSA) surcharge.

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