Polling Place List


Please note that four precincts have more than one ballot style.

This is due to there being multiple district splits within that precinct.


We have tried to indicate the splits on this page.

However, you may want to examine all ballot styles in your precinct.

For further clarification, please call our office at 217-277-2163.


Beverly 1 Beverly Town Hall  Ballot
Burton 1 Richard Minnick Building  Ballot
Camp Point 1 St. Thomas Church Hall  Ballot
Camp Point 2 St. Thomas Church Hall  Ballot
Clayton 1 Clayton American Legion  Ballot
Columbus 1 Columbus Shelter House  Ballot
Concord 1 Concord Town Hall  Ballot
Ellington 1 Columbus Road Church  Ballot
Ellington 2 Columbus Road Church  Ballot
Ellington 3 Columbus Road Church  Ballot
Fall Creek 1 Fall Creek Town Hall  Ballot
Gilmer 1 Gilmer Town Hall  Ballot
Honey Creek 1 Paloma Community Bldg  Ballot
Houston Split 1 Houston Town Hall  Ballot
Houston Split 2 Houston Town Hall  Ballot
Keene Split 1 Keene Town Hall  Ballot
Keene Split 2 Keene Town Hall  Ballot
Liberty 1 Liberty Township Hall  Ballot
Lima 1 Lima Town Hall  Ballot
McKee 1 Spring Valley Church  Ballot
Melrose 1 St. Anthony School Hall  Ballot
Melrose 2 Melrose Chapel  Ballot
Melrose 3 Melrose Chapel  Ballot
Melrose 4 Melrose Chapel  Ballot
Melrose 5 St. Anthony School Hall  Ballot
Melrose 6 St. Anthony School Hall  Ballot
Mendon 1 Mendon Town Hall  Ballot
Mendon 2 Mendon Town Hall  Ballot
Northeast Split 1 Golden Community Center  Ballot
Northeast Split 2 Golden Community Center  Ballot
Payson 1 Village Hall - Payson  Ballot
Payson 2 Village Hall - Plainville  Ballot
Quincy 1 Illinois Veterans' Home  Ballot
Quincy 2 Illinois Veterans' Home  Ballot
Quincy 3 St. Vincent's Home  Ballot
Quincy 4 St. Vincent's Home  Ballot
Quincy 5 St. Vincent's Home  Ballot
Quincy 6 Salem Evangelical Church  Ballot
Quincy 7 Salem Evangelical Church  Ballot
Quincy 8 Illinois Veterans' Home  Ballot
Quincy 9 Illinois Veterans' Home  Ballot
Quincy 10 QU Fitness Center  Ballot
Quincy 11 Christ Lutheran Church  Ballot
Quincy 12 Christ Lutheran Church  Ballot
Quincy 13 QU Fitness Center  Ballot
Quincy 14 QU Fitness Center  Ballot
Quincy 15 Knights of Columbus  Ballot
Quincy 16 QU Fitness Center  Ballot
Quincy 17 Christ Lutheran Church  Ballot
Quincy 18 Christ Lutheran Church  Ballot
Quincy 19 Calvary Baptist Church  Ballot
Quincy 20 Calvary Baptist Church  Ballot
Quincy 21 Calvary Baptist Church  Ballot
Quincy 22 Knights of Columbus  Ballot
Quincy 23 Knights of Columbus  Ballot
Quincy 24 Knights of Columbus  Ballot
Quincy 25 Knights of Columbus  Ballot
Quincy 26 Knights of Columbus  Ballot
Quincy 27 Trinity United Church  Ballot
Quincy 28 Trinity United Church  Ballot
Quincy 29 Trinity United Church  Ballot
Quincy 30 Good Samaritan Home  Ballot
Quincy 31 Trinity United Church  Ballot
Quincy 32 Quincy Housing Authority  Ballot
Quincy 33 Calvary Baptist Church  Ballot
Quincy 34 Quincy Housing Authority  Ballot
Quincy 35 Quincy Housing Authority  Ballot
Quincy 36 Quincy Housing Authority  Ballot
Quincy 37 Salem Evangelical Church  Ballot
Quincy 38 Salem Evangelical Church  Ballot
Quincy 39 Salem Evangelical Church  Ballot
Quincy 40 Salem Evangelical Church  Ballot
Richfield 1 Richfield Methodist Church  Ballot
Riverside 1 Faith Christian Church  Ballot
Riverside 2 Faith Christian Church  Ballot
Riverside 3 Split 1 Faith Christian Church  Ballot
Riverside 3 Split 2 Faith Christian Church  Ballot
Ursa 1 Ursa Town Hall  Ballot



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