Food Safety Classes for Food Managers and Food Handlers


The Adams County Health Department provides classroom trainings for food managers. In addition, the Adams County Health Department has recently partnered with a training company to provide online training for food managers and for food handlers.


Food Manager Classes taught at the Adams County Health Department.



Online Food Safety Classes


Food Manager and Food Handler Training can also be taken at

Note:  After completing the Food Manager course, students will have to take a scheduled exam at the Adams County Health Department.   Students taking the Food Handler course will take their quiz online.



Which class do you need to take?


Food Managers - The Food Service Sanitation Management class is typically for supervisors and managers. However, anyone can take this course. This course requires 8 hours of training followed by a 90-question exam. Once students pass the exam, they will be ServSafe Certified, and they will qualify for the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification. These certificates are valid for 5 years.


Food Handlers - The Food Handler training is required of all restaurant employees who work with unpackaged food, food equipment & utensils, or food-contact surfaces. This requirement includes dish washers. This requirement also includes wait staff that prepares any food and/or wraps utensils. This class takes about 2 hours followed by a 24-question quiz. These certificates are valid for 3 years. (Note: Individuals who have the Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification are exempt from the Food-Handler training). Visit the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website for additional FAQ's on Food Handler Training.



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