Volunteers Needed!!

Blessing Hospital, Adams County Emergency Management and the Adams County Health Department are conducting a Full Scale Exercise on July 5th and 6th 2016. This will test the community's ability to respond to a public health crisis and practice delivering life-saving medications in the event of a disease outbreak or biological release.

We are asking for the community's help including individuals, volunteer groups, and businesses to assist our testing of point of dispensing in the delivery and our ability to provide medications to thousands of people in a public health emergency.

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Notice of Bid - The Adams County Health Department is accepting bids for the sealing and marking of lots at 330 Vermont St, Quincy, IL.    Complete Specfications







2015 Community Assessment


Adams County Health Department was formed by a tax referendum in 1944. The mission of the department is Disease and Injury prevention, Health Protection and Health Promotion.


There are approximately fifty employees in these divisions: Clinical and Environmental Services, Family Health and Community Education, and Supportive Services.

Our department is governed by a Board of Health, a medical director and a public health administrator. Revenue comes from the local health tax levy, fees for services and program grants.

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