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 This web site provides the covenants and subsequent amendments for those subdivisions recorded after 1994. As prior records are back indexed and subsequently scanned into our land records system, additional covenants will be placed on the website. If you need to review a covenant prior to January 1, 1995, contact the Recorder’s Office.

NOTE: The staff reviewed only those documents recorded under the subtitle of “Covenants”, therefore some amendments/revisions may not be included. You may request a document be included on our website by calling 277-2150 and providing a document number.

Abbey Ridge 1st Amendment 1995.pdf
Abbey Ridge 2nd Amendment 2006.pdf
Abbey Ridge 3rd Amendment 2007.pdf
Abbey Ridge 4th Amendment 2007.pdf
Abbey Ridge 5th Amendment 2008.pdf
Abbey Ridge 6th Amendment.pdf
APT Real Estate Holdings LLC.pdf
Arrowhead Estates Amendment 2003.pdf
Arrowhead Estates Part 1
Arrowhead Estates Part 2
Bluebird Landing 2006.pdf
Bluff Estates.pdf
Bluff Estates Amendment.pdf
Bluff Ridge Phase I 1996.pdf
Bluff Ridge Phase I 1st Amendment 1996.pdf
Bluff Ridge Phase I Revision 2003.pdf
Bluff Ridge Phase II 1996.pdf
Bluff Ridge Phase III 1998.pdf
Bonita Pointe 1st Amendment 2002.pdf
Bonita Pointe Phase II 2004.pdf
Bonita Pointe Phase III 2009.pdf
Bonita Pointe All Phases Revised.pdf
Bradmoor Subdivision
Bradmoor Subdivision 1st Amendment
Braeswood Estates 1997.pdf
Braeswood Estates Addendum 2005.pdf
Breckenridge 1st Addition 1996.pdf
Breckenridge 1st Amendment 1997.pdf
Breckenridge 2nd Addition 1997.pdf
Breckenridge Phase I 1996.pdf
Brook Stone Estates 2004.pdf
Brookside 2005.pdf
Brookside Subdivision Vacate Covenants.pdf
Burton Meadows Sub 2000.pdf
Cadbury Ridge 2005.pdf
Cambridge Sub Phase 1 2001.pdf
Cambridge Sub Phase II 2003.pdf
Camelot Sub 2002.pdf
Camp Point Business Park 2003.pdf
Cannonball Estates 1997.pdf
Cannonball Lakes Amended Misc 84-1832.pdf
Cannonball Lakes Subdivision Misc 84-1811.pdf
Carriage Hill Sub 2003.pdf
Cedar Ridge 2nd Addition 1998.pdf
Cedar Ridge 2nd Addition Addendum 2002.pdf
Cedar Ridge 2nd Addition Amendment 2008.pdf
Cedar Ridge 2nd Addition Cluster Homes 092MS01049.pdf
Cedar Ridge Phase 1 - Amendment 3 2006.pdf
Cedar Ridge Phase 1 - Revised 1999.pdf
Cedar Ridge Phase I Amendment 1 1995.pdf
Cedar Ridge Phase II 2000.pdf
Cedar Ridge Cluster Home Phase II 1st Amendment.pdf
Colonial Court Condominium.pdf
Colonial Court Misc 67-145,148.pdf
Columbus Road Heights Modification.pdf
Country Lake Estates 1996.pdf
Country Lake Estates Variance 2003.pdf
Courts of Westview 3rd Amendment 1996.pdf
Courts of Westview 7th Amendment 2002.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums 1st Amendment 2010.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums 2nd Amendment.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums 3rd Amendment.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums 2009.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums Phase 2.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums Phase 2 1st Amendment.pdf
Destiny Court Condominiums Phase 2 2nd Amendment.pdf
Drakewood 1996.pdf
Drakewood 1st Addition 1999.pdf
Drakewood 2nd Addition 2005.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 11th Amendment 2005.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 1995.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 2nd Amendment 1995.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 3rd Amendment 1997.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 4th Amendment 1997.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 5th Amendment 1998.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 6th Amendment 1999.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 7th Amendment 1999.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 8th Amendment 2000.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 9th Amendment 2001.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums2nd Amendment 1995.pdf
Eagle Trace Condominiums 10th Amendment 2004.pdf
East Garden Estates - Amendment 1999.pdf
East Garden Estates 1998.pdf
East Lake Centre 1995.pdf
East Lake Centre Corrected 1996.pdf
Eastate Amendment 2009.pdf
Elmwood Subdivision 51-217, 53-96.pdf
Emery Creek 2008.pdf
Emory Gardens 1978.pdf
Estates at Willow Creek 1st Addn 1996.pdf
Estates at Willow Creek 5th Addn 2009.pdf
Fairview Acres 2005.pdf
Fawn Haven Estates 2001.pdf
Fawn Haven Estates Amendment.pdf
Fieldstone Subdivision 1997.pdf
Fieldstone Subdivision Variance.pdf
Frese Meadows 1st Addition Amendment 2006.pdf
Frese Meadows 3rd Addition 2005.pdf
Frese Meadows 3rd Addition Amendment 2017.pdf
Frese Meadows First Addn 1997.pdf
Garden Estate Subdivision Amendment 1997.pdf
Gardendale Condominium 2nd Amendment 1996.pdf
Gardendale Condominium 3rd Amendment 1997.pdf
Gardendale Condominium 4th Amendment.pdf
Genevieve 2005.pdf
Glennview 2007.pdf
Greenspointe 2007.pdf
Hickory Grove Subdivision.pdf
Hidden Cove 1st Addition 1997.pdf
Hidden Cove 2nd Addition 1996.pdf
Hidden Cove 3rd Addition 2001.pdf
Hidden Cove-1st Addition 1995.pdf
Highland-Riverside 2007.pdf
Hook’N’Quarter subdivision 2018R-02344.pdf
Humphreys Subdivision 1.pdf
Humphreys Subdivision 2.pdf
Humphreys Subdivision 3.pdf
Humphreys Subdivision 4.pdf
Huntington Hills Subdivision.pdf
Indian Bluff 1st Amendment 2007.pdf
Indian Bluff 2005.pdf
Irish Hills 10th Amendment 1995.pdf
Irish Hills 11th Amendment 1996.pdf
Irish Hills 1995.pdf
Irish Hills 9th Amendment 1995.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 1st Amendment 2009.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 2009.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 2nd Amendment 2009.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 3rd Amendment.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 4th Amendment.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 5th Amendment.pdf
Jayden Court Condominiums 6th Amendment.pdf
Jerome Kalmer Condominium 1st Amendment 2000.pdf
Jerome Kalmer Condominium 2000.pdf
Jerome Kalmer Condominium 2nd Amendment 2003.pdf
Kings Pointe Condominium 10th Amendment 2003.pdf
Kings Pointe Condominium 10th Amendment 2004.pdf
Kings Pointe Condominium 3rd Amendment 1996.pdf
Kings Pointe Condominium 6th Amendment.pdf
Kings Pointe Condominium 7th Admendment 2001.pdf
Kings Pointe Condominium 9th Amendment 2002.pdf
Knoblock Estates 2010.pdf
Knoll Wood 8th Amendment 2006.pdf
Lake Ridge Cluster Phase 1 2000.pdf
Lake Ridge Cluster Phase II 2003.pdf
Lake Ridge Cluster Phase III 2009.pdf
Lake Ridge Cluster Phase IV 2017.pdf
Lakeshore Hills
Lakeshore Hills Subdivision
Lakeshore Hills Subdivision - 1st Amendment 1980
Lakeshore Hills Subdivision - 2nd Amendment 1981
Lexington 1995.pdf
Lexington 1st Amendment 1995.pdf
Lexington 2nd Amendment 1996.pdf
Lexington at Maine Phase II 2002.pdf
Longview Subdivision 2nd Amendment.pdf
Lucinda Lane Subdivision.pdf
Marian Acres Amendment 2003.pdf
Marie's Addition 2018R-08808.pdf
Martins' Sub 1st Amendment 2009.pdf
Meadow Creek 2005.pdf
Merebank 12th Addition 1997.pdf
Merebank 13th Addition 1996.pdf
Merebank 13th Addition Amendment 1997.pdf
Northern Estates 1996.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates 2007.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Amendment 2008.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Plat 1 2010.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Plat 1 & 2 Amendment.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Plat 1 & 2 Revised.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Plat 1 & 2 Revised Amendment.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Plat 1 & 2 Revised 2nd Amendment.pdf
Oakwood Forest Estates Plat 1 & 2 Revised 2016.pdf
Old Spring Lake Road Development 1998.pdf
Park Oak Amendment 2005.pdf
Parkview Drive 1997.pdf
Pine Ridge Cluster Homes Phase 1.pdf
Pine Ridge Northeast Cluster 2002.pdf
Prairie Crossing Shopping Center 1st Amendment.pdf
Prairie Ridge Subdivision 77-504, 77-593, 87-216.pdf
Ridgeview Estates.pdf
Riverside Terrace 53-173,174,175.pdf
Robert J. Bergman Sub 1996.pdf
Robert R Frese Business Park Subdivision.pdf
Robins Glenn Misc 88-405.pdf
Rose 1st Addition Amendment 2006.pdf
Schlipman's Country Estates 2006.pdf
Schofield Acres 1998.pdf
Schofield Acres 1st Amendment.pdf
Schutte Subdivision Misc 77-230.pdf
Shady Creek 2004.pdf
Sheridan Estates-1st Addition-1st Amendment 1995.pdf
Sheridan Estates-2nd Addition 1995.pdf
Sheridan Estates-2nd Addition 1st Amenement 1997.pdf
Sherwood Lake Estates.pdf
SouthCrest Estates.pdf
Sparrow Subdivision 2010.pdf
Spirit Knob 2nd Amendment 2007.pdf
Spring Lake Estates Amendment 1996.pdf
Spring Lake Estates Consolidated 2003.pdf
Spring Lakes Estates Consolidated 2004.pdf
Stillwater Subdivision 1998.pdf
Stone Creek (West Condominiums 2007.pdf
Stone Creek (West) Condominiums 1st Amendment 2009.pdf
Stone Creek (West) Condominiums 2nd Amendment 2009.pdf
Stone Creek (West) Condominiums 3rd Amendment 2010.pdf
Stone Creek (West) Condominiums Corrected 1st Amendment 2009.pdf
Stone Creek Subdivision Detention Area.pdf
Stone Creek Townhomes 1999.pdf
Stone Creek Townhomes 2nd Amendment 2001.pdf
Stone Creek Townhomes 3rd Amendment 2002.pdf
Stone Creek Townhomes 4th Amendment 2008.pdf
Stone Crest 2006.pdf
Stone Haven Subdivision
Stone Pointe 2004.pdf
Stone Pointe Phase II 2006.pdf
Summer Creek Subdivision 1st Amendment.pdf
Sundown Hill Subdivision.pdf
Sunrise Hill 1995.pdf
Sunrise Hill Amendment 2002.pdf
The Estates at Willow Creek 2nd Addition 2003.pdf
The Estates at Willow Creek 3rd Addition 2004.pdf
The Estates at Willow Creek 4th Addition 2005.pdf
The Oaks 2001.pdf
The Willows 2004.pdf
Theater Condominiums 1st Amendment 1997.pdf
Theater Condominiums 2nd Amendment 2009.pdf
Theatre Condominiums 1996.pdf
Timber Trail.pdf
Timberline 2nd Addition 1996.pdf
Timberline 2st Addition Amendment 1999.pdf
Tri Con Park 2001.pdf
Trinity Lakes Condominiums 1st Amendment 2008.pdf
Trinity Lakes Condominiums 2008.pdf
Trinity Lakes Condominiums 2nd Amendment 2009.pdf
Trinity Lakes Condominiums 5th Amendment.pdf
Trinity Lakes Condominiums 6th Amendment 2017.pdf
Trinity Lakes Condominiums Amendment 2009.pdf
Trinity Lakes Phase I 2005.pdf
Trinity Lakes 4th Amendment.pdf
Trinity Lakes 2nd Addition.pdf
Trinity Lakes 2nd Addition Addendum Lot 1-31.pdf
Trinity Lakes 2nd Addition Addendum 2017.pdf
Tuscany Fields 2007.pdf
Tuscany Fields 2nd Modification 2009.pdf
Tuscany Fields Modification 2007.pdf
Tuscany Fields Subdivision Amendment.pdf
Victoria Lake 1996.pdf
Victoria Lake 1st Amendment 1996.pdf
Villas at Stone Crest 2007.pdf
Wausau Estates 1996.pdf
Wausau Estates Amendment 1996.pdf
Westpointe 1997.pdf
Westview Condominium 3rd Amendment 1996.pdf
White Oak Estates Supplement 1998.pdf
Wild Horse Estates 1996.pdf
Wild Horse Estates Amendment 2012.pdf
Wild Horse Estates Amendment 2014.pdf
Wilderness Trail Estates 86-MS-760.pdf
Wilderness Trail Estates 1st 89-MS-597.pdf
Wilderness Trail Estates 2nd 89-MS-2103.pdf
Willow Creek 2nd Addition 2003
Willow Creek 4th Addition Phase II 2007.pdf
Windermere Estates 1997.pdf
Wismann Ridge Business Park 2003.pdf
Woodbridge Subdivision Amendment 1997.pdf
Woodbridge Subdivision UB 91-MS-211.pdf
Wyndham Estates 1st Addition 2004.pdf
Wyndham Estates 1st Addition Amendment 2006.pdf
Wyndham Estates 2002.pdf
Wynstone 1996.pdf
Wynstone Subdivision 1st Amendment.pdf
Wysteria Lane Condominiums 2010.pdf
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