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Judgment and Lis Pendens

Information on judgments can be found in the Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 735, Act 5, Article XII, Judgments-Enforcement.

Information on Lis Pendens can be found in the same chapter under Act 5, Article II, Part 19, Lis Pendens.

In filing a memorandum of judgment (forms for which are provided by my office), Illinois Compiled Statutes requires the following; "The term ‘memorandum’ as used in this section means a memorandum or copy of the judgment signed by a judge or a copy attested by the clerk of the court entering it and showing the court in which entered, date, amount, number of the case in which it was entered, name of the party in whose favor and name and last known address of the party against whom entered. If the address of the party against whom the judgment was entered is not known, the memorandum or copy of judgment shall so state."

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