Tax records are online beginning with the 1999 tax year (taxes payable for 2000).
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OTHER TAX RECORDS.  Tax records prior to the 1999 tax year are stored in book format.  Contact the Treasurer’s office to request specific records.

HISTORICAL TAX RECORDS.  The following historical Adams County tax records are stored at Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design:

Annual Real Estate Tax Assessment and Collections Books

City of Quincy: 1854-1930    
  except 1857, 1862, 1881    
Adams County (excludes Quincy): 1851-1860    
Adams County Townships                                            
    (includes Beverly, Columbus, Houston,
     Keene, Lima, Liberty, McKee, Melrose,
     Mendon, Northeast, Payson and Ursa)
Personal property taxes                                             
    (includes the City of Quincy and the townships of
     Beverly, Burton, Clayton, Ellington, Gilmer, Keene,
     Lima, Melrose,  Mendon, Northeast and Richfield)
Railroad tax books 1873-1877
     Quincy 1906  

Delinquent lands and town lots sold in December 1823 for 1882 taxes

Mortgage loans prior to 1897

Further information may be available from the Secretary of State Archives Department in Springfield, Illinois.

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