Neighborhood Watch:

Ø      Crime prevention and reporting

Ø      Neighbors looking out for neighbors

Ø      Extra eyes and ears for law enforcement

Ø      Citizens and police work together to keep neighborhoods safe

Quincy Police Department                     Adams County Sheriff


Search and Rescue:

Ø Adams County Emergency Management, 217-277-2005 ema@co.adams.il.us


Volunteers in Police Service:

Ø      Citizen volunteers in police departments - Quincy Police Department  

Ø      Perform police administrative and non-intervention activities

Ø      Police can focus on front line duties


Medical Reserve Corps:  

Ø      Active and retired medical professionals assist in large scale emergencies  

Ø      Augments the medical response community

Ø      Can be reached at 222-8440 Ext 148


Community Emergency Response Teams:

Ø      Volunteers trained in emergency response

Ø      Trained volunteers can take care of themselves and others

Ø      Allows first responders to focus on the most life-threatening situations

Call Quincy Fire Department 217-228-4459


Other Community Programs

Ø      Volunteer fire departments - For more info, call 217-222-2142

Ø      Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Adams County RSVP, a program of John Wood Community College, engages persons in volunteer service to meet critical community needs and provides high quality experiences that enrich the lives of volunteers.  While recruitment efforts are targeted toward persons aged 55 and older, RSVP will place citizens of all ages in community service.  Enlistment of volunteers in homeland security activities is a high priority in Adams County.
To find
out what you can do to make our community safer, call RSVP at 217-641-4961.

Ø      United Way of Adams County

Ø      Disaster Relief organizations:

 American Red Cross - For more info, call 217-222-2477

 The Salvation Army - For more info, call 217-222-2087

 Other Faith Based Organizations

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