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Our Purpose

Uniting Adams County to fight childhood injury
Is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide
Provides a unified voice creating public awareness to reduce preventable injury
Unites Adams County groups and individuals to work together to make our community safer for our children


We Care Because

Injury is the leading killer of children between the ages of 1 and 14

Injuries kill more children each year than disease, kidnapping and drugs combined

7,200 children are killed and 50,000 permanently disabled by preventable accidents

Medical and lifetime costs for permanently disabled children amount to billions of dollars

Society's loss cannot be measured


We Prevent Childhood Injuries by

Donating car seats, bicycle helmets and Carbon Monoxide detectors

Educating people about Car Seat Safety and organizing Car Seat Safety Checks

Providing safety training for professionals

Providing educational materials and presentations to schools, parents, daycares

and service clubs.

Providing consumer product safety alert information

Participating in health fairs

Working to create public policies which result in a safer environment for children


The most common childhood accidents/deaths are caused by:






For additional information about Safe Kids Adams County contact: or 217-222-8440 ext 102

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