Adams County Jail

Jail Administrator, Chad Downs, is responsible for the daily operation of the jail.  The Adams County Sheriff, Brent Fischer, has ultimate authority and responsibility for the jail.

Most of the cells are located on the fourth floor of the courthouse, but there are some cells on the second and third floors.  Although the numbers fluctuate, there are often times more than 100 prisoners housed in the jail.

Illinois Department of Corrections - Provides online searches for inmates serving time in state prisons.

Inmate List - The Adams County jail is now posting an inmate report online.  This document is updated each morning around 5:00 a.m. and is not considered to be accurate throughout the day.  This report is know as the Daily Population Sheet.

To better serve the public and make it more convenient to add money to an inmate's account, the Adams County Sheriff's Office has installed a Kiosk machine at the back door (off of Broadway). Simply enter the inmates name and follow the prompts on the machine.  The machine is accessible 24 hours a day.  VISA, MasterCard and cash may be used.

Money orders will no longer be accepted after May 30th.

Deposits can be made into inmate's accounts online using debit or credit cards by following this link.

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