Jail Rules

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After being booked, each prisoner will be allowed a reasonable number of telephone calls, if requested.  Each prisoner will be allowed to use the telephone in his/her section, anytime, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.  All telephone calls out of the Jail Sections are collect calls.


A prisoner who can provide his/her own stamps, paper and envelopes can send out as many letters as they want.

Inmates are allowed certain personal items:

United States Postage Stamps

Paper - No wire bound notebooks

Books - Paper back books only, no magazines or newspapers.

5 Pictures - No bigger than 5" x 7"


No prisoner will be allowed to keep money, jewelry or anything of value.


Each prisoner’s money will be locked in the Lock Box, in the Booking Area. Those having money will be permitted to purchase from  Commissary, during their incarceration. Commissary will be run every week. The maximum amount that can be spent on Commissary is $60, with Phone Cards not being included in the total.


Inmates will not be allowed to sell or buy other inmates’ personal items (clothes, shoes, etc.) by using the items bought from Commissary.


Laundry for all sections will be done every day.


Each prisoner will shave and shower a reasonable number of times weekly.  “Razors, Mon-Fri, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. only.”


Any complaints will be made in writing and given to the Jail Officer, who will turn the letter over to the Jail Administrator.


No prisoner has the right to assign work or have supervision over any other inmate.  


Fighting and arguing is prohibited.


Prisoners will be responsible for any county property issued to them.  Damage to any County property will result in prosecution for Criminal Damage to Property.


Each inmate will fill out a visiting list.  The list will be filled out once a month, with only three people per month being allowed to visit.  The visiting list can be redone with new names 30 days after the last one is made out.


Violation of the Jail Rules, verbal abuse or any other form of disrespect or refusal to obey the Jail Officers will be cause for loss of any or all privileges or a ticket. Violators may also be lodged in an individual cell.


Prisoners will be required to clean their own cell block area.  Each prisoner will keep his/her area in a neat order at all times.  Cleaning supplies will be furnished in the morning hours only.


No smoking or magazines will be allowed in the sections.


No photographs or hand drawn pictures will be allowed on the walls or bars.  No paper will be allowed to cover the cell lights.  Papers used for these purposes will be confiscated.  Any paper, including religious or court papers, can be confiscated if misused.  Marking or writing on the walls is not permitted.


Gambling is strictly prohibited.


No items (paper, etc.) will be thrown into the catwalks.  Prisoners, in any section, in violation will lose the opportunity to buy such items from commissary.


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