Office Hours:   8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday thru Friday


  March 21: Mail Mobile Home Use Tax Bills
May 22-27: Mail Real Estate Tax Bills
    Contact us if you do not receive your tax bill by June 2, 2014
  May 23: Mobile Home Use Tax Bill is due
  July 1: Real Estate Tax first installment is due
  September 2: Real Estate Tax second installment due
  October 24: Last day for pay Mobile Home and Real Estate taxes
  October 27: Adams County Tax Sale (all unpaid taxes)

"BILLPAY" PAYMENTS:  New rules apply for tax payments made through your bank's online BILLPAY check system.  Follow the special rules shown on the back of your bill.  The Treasurer may return your payment if it can’t be processed.  Click here for specific instructions.

E-CHECK PAYMENTS:  Real estate E-check payments are now available through the Illinois Funds E-Pay system.  This is the same systems used for credit card and debit card payments.  There is a $1.00 convenience fee for each e-check payment. 
The SAMEDAYPAY system will not be available this year.

Always review the back of the bill for payment options and collector policies.  Call 217-277-2245 if you have any questions.


Treasurer Duties:

     ·   Receives and safely keeps the revenues and other public monies of the County
Collects property taxes
Distributes the monies collected to the proper recipients
Invests surplus funds
Pays the County’s bills as directed by the Adams County Board
Co-signature authorization on county checks
Store and disseminate tax records



·   Full-time staff consists of the Deputy Treasurer and three clerks.

·   Part-time staff assists during the collection of real estate taxes.



The following records or documents available for immediate release upon request.
Per Illinois statute, fees apply to items with an asterisk (*).

     ·   Tax records*
Tax bills*
Adams County Annual Financial Reports
County Funds Summary
County Summary Revenue Report
County Summary Budget and Expenditures Report


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