Our Mission is to serve our community as we maintain high standards in pre-hospital care and provide cost-effective, quality patient care by well skilled, proficient paramedics and EMTs. 

Our Values (S-T-A-R C-A-R-E) cause us to be Safe, Team-based, Attentive to Human Needs, Respectful, Customer/Patient Accountable, Appropriate, Reasonable, and Ethical.

Adams County EMTs and Paramedics staff six ambulances throughout Adams County and Quincy. They are prepared and equipped to provide Advanced Life Support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Units 3A15, 3A16, and 3A20 are stationed in Quincy and primarily serve the southwestern portion of Adams County. 3A17, stationed in Camp Point provides service mainly to the residents and villages in northeast Adams County while 3A18 is stationed in Mendon and provides service to residents and villages in northwest Adams County. Southeast and south-central Adams County is covered by 3A19 which is based in Liberty.  The crews are supervised by a captain assigned to an Advanced Life Support equipped Quick-Response/Command Vehicle.

With our units strategically located throughout the county we can arrive on emergency scenes in a more efficient manner and begin patient care sooner.

The Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 Center receives and dispatches calls for ambulance (EMS) service. Callers play a very important role in the emergency medical dispatch process. They hold the key to a wealth of information and can help care for the sick or injured until EMTs and paramedics arrive. EMTs and paramedics along with the 9-1-1 dispatcher rely upon the caller to provide crucial patient information in order to provide efficient, appropriate care.