Fee Schedule for Services

Effective March 1, 2018, the following fee structure will be charged for all services.

Charges for services rendered are the sole responsibility of the patient or guarantor. Adams County Ambulance EMS bills patient’s primary and secondary insurances as a courtesy to streamline the billing and payment process.

Please note that effective March 1, 2018, patients will be billed a minimal charge for medical evaluation when they are not transported to the hospital. Non-transport and refusal charges are the complete responsibility of the patient and will only be billed to private commercial insurance. Patients are responsible for any charges not covered by insurance. Medicare, Medicaid, and other government funded medical coverages do not cover non-transport charges and will not be billed.

Service Level Resident Non-Resident
 Mileage $19.39  $29.09 
 BLS Transport (NE) $636.54  $981.33 
 BLS Transport (EM)  $981.33    $1,511.78 
 ALS Transport (NE) $822.20  $1,273.08 
 ALS 1 Transport (EM) $1,220.04  $1,883.10 
 ALS 2 Transport  $1,777.01  $2,694.69 
 Specialty Care Transport $1,856.58  $2,811.39 
 BLS No Transport $103.00  $283.25 
 ALS 1 No Transport $283.25  $424.88 
 ALS 2 No Transport $618.00  $927.00 
 ALS 1 Intercept $175.00  $412.50 
 ALS 2 Intercept $175.00  $412.50 
 Evaluation / Refusal $51.50  $77.25