Medicare Part B Ambulance Coverage

The Adams county Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services accepts Medicare assignment effective April 1, 2002. You will be responsible for the Medicare deductible (if applicable) and co-payment amount. These amounts are based on the care provided and the distance and supplies used during the transport. Ambulance services not meeting the Medicare and medical necessity requirements will be billed the usual and customary charges.

Refusals: There is no charge to patients who refuse service and transport. If medical services and supplies are provided prior to refusing transport, the patient will be billed a refusal base rate in addition to supply charges. Medicare and most insurance do not cover charges from refused ambulance calls.

When the patient is eligible for medical payment under Public Aid, the payments will be made directly to the ambulance office.

Medicare B provides benefits for ambulance services when:

  • The ambulance is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the ambulance supplier meets Medicare's vehicle and crew requirements. The Adams County Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services meets and exceeds all of these requirements.

  • The Beneficiary's medical condition necessitates transportation only by ambulance.

  • The origin and destination of the trip are appropriate.