Emergency Responses

Under the direction of our Physician Medical Director, Adams County paramedics and EMTs respond to a variety of emergencies under many circumstances. Heart attacks, strokes, respiratory problems, child birth, seizures, and traumatic injuries are only a few of the emergencies to which we respond.

Our paramedics, assisted by our EMTs are able to begin treating heart attack patients immediately upon arrival. In addition to state of the art cardiac monitoring and therapy equipment used, medications and other therapies administered by paramedics can reduce the damage from a heart attack and prepare the patient to receive emergency cardiac catheterization upon arrival at the hospital.

We work closely with emergency physicians, nurses and the Blessing Cardio-Vascular Unit to optimize continuity in care and assure the best possible outcome for our patients.

Invalid Coach Services

Paramedics and EMTs provide a coach service. This service supports long-term care facilities and home health care agencies in their endeavors to assist their clients and patients in obtaining additional medical care not available on site.  Examples include transport to the Blessing Wound Care Center, radiology department, outpatient surgery centers and doctor visits.  The coach service also provides transport to patients being discharged from the hospital to their home or an extended care facility.

Patients who are confined to bed or who can be moved only by stretcher are eligible for this service.  Scheduling for coach services can be arranged by calling our business office Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at 217-277-2001.  Coach services may be delayed due to the volume of emergency calls.

Long Distance Transfers

Long distance transfers are made when a local facility is not equipped or staff is not capable for caring for a patient or when a patient (or patient’s physician) requests to be transferred to another facility.

Both emergent and non-emergent long distance transfers are provided, however, emergent transfers are given priority.The Adams County Ambulance Service uses an “on-call” system to provide the quickest response possible. At least one paramedic and one EMT make up a team. Adams County Paramedics have completed advanced training in order to transport patients with need for specialized medications. Occasionally, depending upon the patient needs or destination, other team members will be added. These team members might include an additional paramedic or EMT or a nurse or respiratory technician from Blessing Hospital.

Crews are on-call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and typically make transfers to Columbia, MO; Springfield, IL; Iowa City, IA; and St. Louis, MO. Transfers to Rochester, MN, Chicago or other destinations can be arranged with advanced notice. If a transport destination is further than eight hours away, then transportation by another means, such as a fixed wind air ambulance is encouraged.

Special Events

Adams County paramedics and EMTs staff special events throughout the community each year. We provide special event coverage for sporting events at area schools, the Adams County Fair, motor-sports events, boat races, civic events, and concerts. To schedule coverage you can call our business office during weekday hours.