Animal control works under the direction and authority of the sheriff. The county has one full-time animal control officer.

Calls to the Animal Control Officer’s office are handled in the following order and given the following priority:

1. Animal Bites - All calls concerning animal bites regardless of the location in Adams County. The Animal Control Officer will conduct the investigation, fill-out the necessary paperwork, and follow the recommended procedures, including the impounding of the animal, if necessary.

2. Rabies Suspects - The Animal Control Officer shall follow the recommended procedure for the testing and disposal of animals suspected of having rabies.

3. Livestock Killed or Injured by Dogs - Calls concerning livestock being injured or killed by dogs. The call should be investigated in a timely manner. The Animal Control Officer shall follow the procedure set out in State Statute concerning these calls.

4. Sick and Injured Animals - Calls concerning sick or injured animals (dogs, and domestic animals only) found in Adams County, outside the city limits of Quincy. The Animal Control Officer shall follow the recommended procedures concerning these animals.

5. Dogs Running at Large - It is the duty of the owner or custodian of a dog to keep the dog on their property at all times, or have permission for their dog to be on the private property of another person.  Any dog running at large could be subject to a $75 citation per dog for the first offense and $150 thereafter.

6. Stray Animals - Calls concerning stray animals (dogs only) when the Animal Control Officer is free from calls are given higher priority. The Animal Control Officer shall follow the recommended procedures concerning these animals. The Animal Control Officer does not answer calls concerning stray animals (dogs only) inside incorporated towns or villages in Adams County unless the town or village has entered into a written agreement with the Animal Warden to do so.

7. Leash Law Violations - The county has no leash law.

Dog & Companion Cat Registration

Each dog and companion cat in Adams County must be registered at any veterinarian's office located in Adams County, by its owner (as defined in Chapter 3-1-1, page 76, Adams County Code of Ordinances) within thirty (30) days of moving to Adams County.  All dogs and companion cats in Adams County must be current every year with a rabies inoculation against rabies. If a dog or companion cat is not current, owners could be subject to a $75.00 citation. The registration fee for each dog and companion cat is $7.50.