Jury Demand Fees

This schedule is provided for informational purposes only. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Rule 285. Jury Demand: Small Claims

A small claim shall be tried by the court unless a jury demand is filed by the plaintiff at the time the action is commenced or by the defendant not later than the date he is required to appear. There shall be 6 jurors unless either party demands 12. A party demanding a jury shall pay a fee of $12.50 unless he demands a jury of 12, in which case he shall pay a fee of $25, or, if another party has previously paid a fee for a jury of 6, $12.50.

Jury Demand $212.50

The clerk shall be entitled to receive, in addition to other fees allowed by law, the sum of $212.50 as a fee for service of a jury in every civil action not quasi-criminal in nature and not a proceeding for the exercise of the right of eminent domain and in every other action wherein the right of trial by jury is or may be given by law. The jury fee may be paid by the party demanding a jury at the time of filing the jury demand. If the fee is not paid by either party, no jury shall be called in the action or proceeding, and the same shall be tried by the court without a jury.