The Coroner's office of Adams County, in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, investigates the deaths of county residents to determine the cause and circumstances under which the death occurred.

With the advancement of law enforcement agencies, investigation techniques, and the availability of forensic pathologists.

Types of deaths that must be reported to the Coroner’s office include accidental death, suicide, homicide, sudden death when the deceased had been in apparent health or in cases where suspicious or unusual circumstances exist.

In cases of accidental death, including death arising from employment conditions, homicidal deaths, suicidal deaths, abortions (criminal or self-induced), the death must be reported to the Coroner even though the survival period prior to death may be up to 12 months.

Any death which occurs at the time of hospital arrival or within twenty-four hours of hospital admission is to be reported immediately.

Any person who discovers a body or acquires the first knowledge of the death of any person who died under the above circumstances, should immediately notify the office of the Coroner of the known facts concerning the time, place, manner and circumstances of such death, and of any other information which might be required by the Coroner.  Under the above circumstances, no one should touch, remove, disturb the body or disturb the clothing or any article on or near the body without an order from the Coroner.

If a request is made for cremation, the funeral director in attendance should immediately notify the Coroner.