Mission Statement

Customer Service - The staff in the County Clerk’s office is here to serve you, the residents of Adams County. We are continually looking for ways to reach out to you. With today’s technology we believe we can bring many of our services to those residents in Adams County who lead busy lives, and to those residents who live in the farther corners of our County. We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Let us know how we can help you.

Communication - The staff in the County Clerk’s office understands the importance of effectively communicating with our customers. We will use the technology we have today to keep you, our customers, updated on changes that may have an impact on your lives. If you still have a question, talk to us. We will listen to you.

Cooperation - The staff in the County Clerk’s office knows that without a cooperative effort from everyone, the job will not get done. We plan to get the job done. Therefore, we are working hard to promote cooperation between the staff in our office and every person that we come into contact with.