The Adams County Clerk’s Office performs a wide range of functions in county government. Five of our primary functions include:

Elections - The Clerk is responsible for the conduct of all elections in Adams County. Elections include all Federal, State, County, City, School, Township, Village, Park and Library Districts. Some of the functions we conduct prior to an election, during an election, and after an election are voter registration, absentee voting, election judge training, precinct set-ups, ballot card proofing, voter tabulation, and campaign finance filings.

Vital Records - The Clerk is the official record keeper for all births, deaths, and marriages in Adams County. Each year the Clerk’s office records approximately 500 marriage licenses and 500 birth certificates in Adams County. Use the menu on the left to learn more about each of these functions, as well as to download a request form for a certified copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate.

Adams County Board - The Clerk records the minutes of all County Board meetings. Permanent records of all county board minutes recorded after 1972 are stored in the Clerk’s office.Older records are stored at a permanent location.

Tax Services - The Clerk collects delinquent tax payments on mobile homes, as well as on other real estate.In addition, the Clerk calculates and extends the tax rates on all real estate in the county using levies filed by schools, municipalities, library and park districts.

Accounting Functions - The Clerk’s office processes all accounts payable for the county.

Other Services - The Clerk’s Office also provides the following services:

Notary Public Registry
Statements of Economic Interest
Assumed Business Name Registry
Liquor Licenses (Outside Quincy Only)