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When communities build what they dream...
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What is AOK?

The AOK Network is a community-based collaboration that is committed to developing a high-quality, well-coordinated, easily accessible system of care that will promote positive growth and development for pregnant women, children birth to five, and their families. The overall goal of the AOK Network is to ensure that all pregnant women, children birth to five, and their families have the opportunity to receive the services they need.

Turning To One Another- Conversations that Matter

What is possible when faith based, social services, city/state/county government, law enforcement, schools and families come together to develop deeper relationships and active partnerships that cultivate strong families that thrive in Adams County?

When we participate in conversations that matter they change us- the very fact that we are different when we leave is a form of harvesting that has huge impacts. Because we are changed-our words and deeds are different than they would have been if we had not had the conversation.

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