Hazard Areas

Flooding in Adams County is caused by two sources. The Mississippi River rises from snow melt, ice jams and during heavy storms. Many areas along the river are protected by the levee systems within the County. However, a levee is not a guarantee against flooding and floodwater may become very deep, as was proven in 1993 and 2008. Flooding may also be for extended periods of time, such as last year. The Quincy river stage was consistently above flood stage last year.

There are also several creeks within the county which rise during and after heavy storms. These floods may be shorter in duration than the river flooding, but may leave a considerable amount of damage behind which was evident this June. Cedar Creek, Curtis Creek, Bear Creek, and Mckee Creek are a few of the major creeks running through the county.

If you own property or a building which is located in a floodplain, it has most likely been affected in the past by flooding. The next flood could be worse. If you own a structure in the floodplain, the odds are that someday your property will be damaged by flooding.