Court Reporters

Court Reporters’ Information

The responsibility of the official court reporter is to report verbatim the proceedings of circuit court hearings and trials.

To determine the name of the reporter who reported a particular hearing or trial, contact Court Reporting Supervisor, Nicole Kopec, at her e-mail address or phone number listed below.

Transcripts of hearings and trials may be obtained by e-mailing the individual reporter involved in a particular hearing.  Requests for transcripts will be honored when advance arrangements for payment have been made with the individual reporter. Costs may be subject to change without notice. Please verify the cost with the reporter.

Page Rates:

All Originals $4.00 per page

Private paid copy $1.00 per page

Government copy $ .50 per page

Expedited and daily copy rates available

Estimates of the cost of transcripts may be obtained from the reporters upon request by e-mailing the reporter involved at their email address listed below.

Inquiries regarding transcripts may be made to the reporters at their e-mail addresses or to the Court Reporting Supervisor, Nicole Kopec.

Court Reporting Supervisor

Nicole Kopec, Court Reporter, CSR (preferred)
(217) 322-6226

Adams County Official Court Reporters

Kim Cottrell, CSR -

Tracy Grott, CSR, RPR -

Shannon Niekamp, CSR -

Jeannie O’Neill, CSR, RPR -

On occasion court reporters from other counties within the Eighth Judicial Circuit are called upon to report proceedings in Adams County. Names, addresses and phone numbers are as follows:

Other Eighth Judicial Circuit Court Reporters

Brenda Anders
Court Reporter, CSR
Pike County Courthouse
Pittsfield, IL 62363
(217) 285-2025
Rachel Boylen
Court Reporter, CSR
Brown Co. Courthouse
Mt. Sterling, IL 62353
(217) 773-2311

Linda Watt
Court Reporter, CSR
Calhoun Co. Courthouse
Hardin, IL 62047
(618) 576-2432

Lucinda E. Waibel
Court Reporter, CSR, RPR
Menard Co. Courthouse
Petersburg, IL 62675
(217) 632-2107