Jail Rules

The information published on this web site was valid at the time of publication. Adams County Jail reserves the right to make changes and improvements at any time and without notice, and assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies.

After completing the booking process, each inmate will be allowed to make a telephone call for bond, if requested. Each inmate will be allowed to use the telephone in his/her section between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm. All telephone calls are collect unless the inmate has money on his/her commissary account to cover the expense.

Inmate's who arrive with cash will deposit the money onto their commissary account by using the booking kiosk. Those who wish to can store a credit card on their commissary account. The credit card has to be issued to the inmate and must include his or her name printed on the credit card (HR Block cards and pre-paid cards are not allowed). An Inmate who has a stored credit card on file will be able to add funds to their commissary account by using the section kiosk. Officers are unable to view the credit card number and will not have access to the credit card account.

Uniforms and undergarments are cleaned daily. Inmates are responsible for turning in their dirty clothing when it is collected at breakfast time. Items are washed and returned later in the day.

Each inmate is expected to shower daily. Razors are provided each day, if requested. Inmates are responsible for asking the day shift officer at 6:15 am for a razor. Each inmate is given a reasonable amount of time to shave and all razors are to be turned in by 8 am.

Inmates are responsible for cleaning their own cell block area. Each inmate will keep his/her area in a neat order at all times. All commissary items, photos, letters, hygiene items, etc. are to be stored in the clear tote bag provided. Items left outside of the tote bag and/or pictures hung on the cell walls or bars are considered contraband and will be removed and discarded at any time by an Officer or when a shakedown is done for the section. No paper will be allowed to cover the cell lights. Papers used for these purposes will be confiscated. Any paper, including religious or court papers, can be confiscated if misused. Marking or writing on the walls is not permitted. Hanging jail issued linens/county clothes on cell doors, bunks or bars is not permitted.

Cleaning supplies will be furnished during the morning hours. Each inmate is expected to have their cleaning done by 9 am. No items are to be thrown into the catwalks. Inmates are expected to clean up after themselves and sections are to be cleaned prior to the section television being turned on for the day.

Fighting, arguing, gambling, stealing is not permitted. No inmate has authority or supervision over another inmate.

Inmates are responsible for their jail issued attire, linens and mat. Damages to these items will be subject to prosecution for Criminal Damage to Property.

Violation of the jail rules, verbal abuse or any other form of disrespect or refusal to obey the Jail Officers will result in the loss of any or all privileges. Violators may also be lodges in an individual cell.


Inmates are allowed to write letters pending they have the paper and stamped envelopes bought through the commissary company.

Inmates are allowed to receive mail. When writing an inmate, address the letter as follows:

521 Vermont St
Quincy, IL. 62301

Inmates are allowed to receive the following items through the mail: letters, plain greeting cards, paperback books and 5 pictures printed on photograph paper. Glitter, tape, perfume, lipstick, stickers, crayon, stamps, blank paper, etc. are not allowed. Any additional writing on the outside of the envelope is not allowed. If the letter contains items that are not permitted, the letter will be returned to the sender. Be sure to place your full name and address in the corner of the envelope. Multiple authors per letter/envelope is not allowed.


Please see "Visiting Hours and Rules."


Inmates are not allowed to take any property into the section. Inmate's property will be secured and returned to the inmate upon their release. If an inmate is sentenced to prison, upon their release, their personal property will be held for 45 days before being destroyed. An inmate can select who they want to pick up their property. If picking up an inmate's property, bring a current photo ID and report to the Adams County Sheriff's Dept. on the 3rd floor of the courthouse during the following property pick up times:

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 am to 11 am
Wednesday 1 pm to 3 pm.

Section Kiosk

Each section has a kiosk that inmates can use from 5 am to 10 pm daily. The kiosk allows the inmate to send emails to their loved ones, have access to the law book, submit a nurse request, submit a hair cut request, submit grievances, and access their commissary account, as well as their phone account. Commissary orders are due on Mondays by 10 pm. A variety of items are available for purchase through the commissary company.

Inmates are provided with a unique PIN number upon booking and are responsible for memorizing it to access the kiosk. Inmates should not share their pin information, account information or phone use time with others. The jail is not responsible for commissary purchases or phone purchases made within the section without the inmate's knowledge. If an inmate believes that their pin has been compromised they should inform a Jail Officer and request a new pin number be issued.

To add funds to your inmate's commissary account or to send them an email, please visit JAILATM.COM.

Also for your convenience their is a kiosk located at the north street entrance of 521 Vermont St. The kiosk accepts cash, credit or debit cards.