The following is a list of property that is to be auctioned off under the direction of the sheriff. All sales start at 9:30 a.m. in the Law Library on the 2nd floor except where noted.

Sale Date Case # Defendant Address
6/29/20 19CH79 Smith 1112 Payson Ave, Quincy, IL
7/27/20 19CH88  FIM, INC.  640 S 5th St, Quincy, IL
8/24/20  19CH100 Mixer 6903 Horseshoe Valley Rd, Quincy, IL
9/21/20 19CH56 Black 424 S 24th St, Quincy, IL
9/21/20 19CH81 Boltz 2450 S 12th St, Quincy, IL
9/21/20 19CH76 Henaifesh 1628 Jersey, Quincy, IL
9/28/20 19CH92  Rardon  103 E Lincoln St, Clayton, IL