Suggestions for Courtroom Appearance

The following suggestions are to assist you in your courtroom appearance:

  • Have a neat appearance

  • Avoid distracting habits such as gum chewing or smoking

  • Before testifying, try to recall information accurately in your own mind

  • Be serious, avoid laughing, or talking in Court

  • Stop immediately if the Judge interrupts you or if an attorney makes an objection

  • Speak loudly so that you can be heard. Do not nod "yes" or "no"

  • Listen to the questions asked of you and do not give any additional information unless asked

  • Do not give opinions unless asked. Don't argue with the lawyer. Treat both lawyers with courtesy and respect

  • After testifying, do not discuss your testimony with other witnesses; tell the truth as you know it

  • Leave the stand with confidence in the knowledge that you have presented the truth to the best of your ability