Did You Know?

Tax records and duplicate tax bills are available online at no charge at the following link:

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Treasurer Duties

  • Receives and safely keeps the revenues and other public monies of the County
  • Collects property taxes
  • Distributes the monies collected to the proper recipients
  • Invests surplus funds
  • Pays the County‚Äôs bills as directed by the Adams County Board
  • Co-signature authorization on county checks
  • Store and disseminate tax records


  • Full-time staff consists of the Deputy Treasurer and three clerks.
  • Part-time staff assists during the collection of real estate taxes.

Records and Documents

The following records or documents available for immediate release upon request. Per Illinois statute, fees apply to items with an asterisk (*).

  • Tax records*
  • Tax bills*
  • Adams County Annual Financial Reports
  • County Funds Summary
  • County Summary Revenue Report
  • County Summary Budget and Expenditures Report