Tax Distribution / Settlement Sheets

Adams County Tax Distribution Schedule

In mid-July of each year the Adams County Collector begins to distribute real estate property taxes to county tax districts. The final distribution occurs in November after the annual Adams County Tax Sale.

The following provides the tax distribution schedule. Note that the November distribution requires special processing, so the date will vary:

July 15 August 15 September 15
October 15 Mid-November  


Settlement Sheets

The Adams County Treasurer collects and distributes real estate property taxes for over 130 tax districts. Settlement sheets provide details on tax distributions to these districts.

Settlement sheets for the current year are updated as distributions occur through the final distribution in November. The final settlement sheets for the twelve prior tax years are also available.

All reports are in searchable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Use the “find” tool to locate sheets for specific tax districts.

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